My Thoughts On The Movie Unplanned

Unplanned – The Abby Johnson Story

Unplanned Film – Promoting Pro-Life Values


Unplanned trailer

I remember feeling absolutely elated upon hearing that the pro-life film Unplanned – The Abby Johnson Story, would be showing in cinemas across Ireland, it was such a ray of hope.

Talk about a real boost for pro-lifers across the country, it was originally to be shown for just a few days, it was then extended for another week and surprisingly, extended again in Dublin, and as I write this, I think the film has a few days left, I really believe that this has been the Lord’s doing.

Here’s What I Thought About Unplanned¬†

The tagline of the movie is “what she saw changed everything” and I found that the movie didn’t condemn anyone, it was handled with sensitivity and showed both sides of the divide. All it took was for one simple moment to convert the staunch pro-choicer, ABBY, to being such a strong advocate for the preborn.

Some scenes were hard to watch, but were relevant and needed to be shown. I won’t give a graphic description, but those scenes really exposed the true nature of abortion, it’s an act of violence on the mother as well as the baby.

The actors did a wonderful job portraying the real people involved in Abby’s conversion and I thought that Robia Scott, who plays Cheryl the ruthless clinic director was outstanding, especially considering that she’s a Christian and pro-life advocate in real life.

I really appreciated that it was a clean movie, no foul language or blasphemy,¬†it showed the horror of abortion and dealt with sexual sin without being crude. If you didn’t get a chance to see Unplanned in the cinema, I would recommend getting it on DVD.

If you are pro-choice or unsure, I think that this movie could help you to understand where the pro-life side is coming from and hopefully, it could lead to both sides having an open and honest conversation while being respectful of one another which is more than what our government has done.

They and our mainstream media were so one-sided and divisive leading up to the repeal of the 8th amendment. They just wanted an abortion and paraded it as the solution to the plight of women and even homelessness, but I digress, Unplanned was fantastic, God honouring and it showed the heart of the pro-life movement.

Abby Johnson, was the youngest planned parenthood director and was extremely successful in her life and had it all together until she watched a baby fighting for its life while being ripped out of the mother’s womb – this is what led to her conversion.

This movie, for me, was God’s way of saying that He can convert the hard-hearted. He really speaks throughout the whole film, for me anyway.

If it’s on where you are, go watch it or get it on DVD it’s a must-see.